CanHub is the platform designed to help the Cannabis producers from production to sales. The platform has been built support the retailers with POS features as well. SMAC IT has complete knowledge in Cannabis has worked with client to support in the end-to-end process of the platform development. This platform fulfils the compliance requirements of several states in producing, processing and sales.



Client has the experience in dealing with Cannabis but wanted to create a platform which would help them and others in the market.


  • They have a fair idea on the compliances to be followed
    but maintaining the required documentation, files and latest
    changes is a major issue
  • The digital identity verification of the buyers to avoid selling to
    fake candidates
  • Managing the business from end-to-end, insights on the sales, requirement etc. is also required


SMAC IT has worked with client to understand their process, states they are operating and their SOPs. Our team has


  • Created a scalable architecture to add more features as the market grows
  • Integrated Identity Verification system to enhance the compliance Allowed to distribute this application Analytics has been developed to understand the sales pattern, so that the produce can be made
  • Available as per the demand of the stores Online shopping features developed so that stores can go online if they are planning for
  • Integrated payment gateway for seamless payments
  • Compliance management and reporting process has been developed to reduce the manual effort



  • The POS based application has enabled to maintain the stores with required guideline, we can admit the buyers before entering
  • The analytics has helped to understand he buyer behaviour and the demand of the stores
  • Automated Compliance report as per the state requirements has reduced the paper work by 98%

Technology stack