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Cannabis industry is growing rapidly with annual market values expected to reach $30billion by 2025. Though the industry has seen significant improvement, particularly around legality laws, it will continue to face many challenges
Legality and regulation will continue to be a shaping factor of the industry, as different countries, and states within the U.S. approach the use and sale of cannabis differently

As the legal cannabis industry continues to establish itself to greater degrees, other, more established companies outside of the industry are getting involved in more significant ways. Trying to start a cannabis-related business is a difficult task due to regulatory changes at any time. SAMC IT’s experience with the regulatory bodies across countries and states within the U.S. helps our clients to be updated on the latest regulatory information and we align them as per the need.

SMAC IT supports the eminent and the startups in this industry with the required information, tools, and technologies to support the companies from seed to sale process. We tackle your problems which help you to focus on your business growth.

Advantages with SMAC IT

Experience from the seed-to-sale process

Latest regulatory updates

Digitalised, integrated and streamlined activities with insights at every step

Solutions from SMAC IT

Cultivation: IoT automation for irrigation. RFID tags linking back to state track-and-trace systems. Automation controllers for systems ranging from HVAC to blackout panel timing.

Manufacturing/Processing: Process IP for concentrates, infusions and edible production.

Distribution: Storage climate control automation. ERP and track-and-trace integration. Dispatch software.

Lab Testing: automation for mass spectronomy/certificate transmission to state programs.

Retail (Storefront vs. Delivery) POS service. Dispatch software.

SMAC IT has complete knowledge on ever changing compliances of several states and help you to be compliant at any given point of time.

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