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Cloud is the foundation for digital agility. Organizations has to choose cloud as there is a change in the way we work, we do our operations and geographically scattered customer base. By moving to cloud will enable us to do more with less efforts.

SMAC IT helps you in moving to cloud to materialize upcoming business by ensuring new avenues for collaboration and to grow by optimizing the value chain. SMAC IT will handle the cloud process of your business and free your mind to focus on the business growth.

SMAC IT helps in building operational efficiency as “pay for use” model of cloud is beneficial as compared to “pay upfront for everything” model of internal IT. We give a way to revamp the business model to reach the larger scale of audience while staying lean and agile. Implementation of AI/ML, business intelligence and analytics will help you to take the advantage of the existing data to catch your business growth.

Migration of legacy applications to latest model architecture and technology gives you the boost to speed up your business execution with more automated workflows. SMAC IT provides hybrid mix of cloud options like having your main application on premise but having the data and backup at the cloud to optimize the costs and existing investments.

Backup of on premise applications and data to cloud

SMAC IT Cloud experts will do a consultation with your team to create a cloud roadmap with options including private cloud, public cloud, load balancing, network optimization and data security. All you need to do is provide your business needs, SMAC IT will take care of the rest.

Cloud Platforms

Digital Ocean

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