CMS Websites

More than a static website

Having a website for any business has become a basic need. Engaging customers over the website will help you to gain the edge over the competition. To have an interactive engagement with your visitor you need to have a partner who can empower you with the required tools and process. SMAC IT is pioneered in providing dynamic web applications and helps you to create a growing business.

CMS (Content Management System) based websites are great helpful to keep your website up to date with less technical knowledge and you can have interactive features like blogs, chat bots etc., with simple configuration.

CMS technology has increased a lot and with the latest available tools full fledge web application can be built where users can even perform their purchases without any hassle. SMAC IT has expertise in different CMS tools and can also do customizations to fulfill your custom needs.

SMAC IT also provides web applications through CMS tools with defined workflow. SMAC IT provides the following:


CMS based Website design and development

CMS Theme Design and Development

Plug-in development

Plug-in implementation and integration

3rd party integration

Support & Maintenance

SMAC IT has partnership with the leading CMS providers.

Industries we have proven our work are: