eLearn application helps learners of all ages to learn different courses right from academic to the professional courses. This application maintains the courses and the videos of them are aligned in sequential order for users to understand the content and go through the course. Users can create their profile and based on the profile the application will auto suggest the course to do. SMAC IT has developed this platform where the client would create courses and uploads them. This application is also works as a white label solution which can be used by educational institutions to serve their students in a new digital style



The client has initially planned this application to deal with professional courses and faced challenges to create an intuitive user interface, development of course content etc.


  • The internally developed application is not user friendly,
    the video loading is very slow

  • The course content is good, but the way it is presented doesn’t
    follow proper standards

  • The platform adoption rate is very low


SMAC IT has utilized the concept on which the client has started the application but re-architected the whole platform.


  • Conducted a User Experience study to create elegant UI of the applications
  • Extended the user base from professional courses to the regular academic courses of the available Allowed to distribute this application with the custom branding of academic institutions
  • User can track the course progress and also can give exams to assess their skillsnetworks
    Users can complete their profile to get the auto suggestions of the courses based on their interest and what they want to become can complete their profile to get the auto suggestions of the courses based on their interest
  • Provided a special feature for client to create packages, and allow users to purchase those.
  • Created REST APIs so that this application can be integrated to the existing tools of the institutes



  • The ease of use and the redeveloped content has helped to gain the big user base through a word of mouth publicity
  • The white labelling option has increased the revenue and is an instant success
  • Ability to integrate with 3rd party sites also allowed to work with the existing applications seamlessly
  • The auto suggestion option has got the best reviews as users can find the best courses quickly

Technology stack