Solar Power is an application which allows users to manage the solar power system installed at their location and also get the required support from the service provider. This application gives more information on how much power has been generated and utilized through solar system and how much is utilized from the conventional power from time to time. SMAC IT has developed this platform in collaboration with client to provide more advanced features in the application which helps to reduce the time to serve the customers. We have developed separate apps for the customer services and field technicians to handle the service tickets even though



Company provides solar power installations at offices, home and farms to utilize the natural energy to the utmost possibility. As the users stay across different places, even people who stay at terrains, far from city and in remote locations.


  • Remote diagnosis of the power management unit
  • Availability of information on the power usage through which user can understand the benefits
  • Real time information to field technicians on tickets and means to reach there



SMAC IT with expertise in working with IoT and hardware devices, worked with client and created a platform on micro services architecture.


  • The platform consists of a web application, mobile apps for users, field technicians, customer care teams
  • Implemented a geofence solution so that the system will record the information on arrival and exit of the client locations
  • Implemented real-time consumption of power and showed in the app
  • The reports are created along with timestamps on the availability of the power generated through solar panels, usage of it along with the conventional power
  • Users can raise a ticket through the app and the customer care team can perform a remote diagnosis to identify the problem.
  • As per the diagnosis information, the required field technician will be assigned to the ticket
  • The system capture all the activities performed on a ticket and even the ticket report with have the information on the time stamps of entry and exit of field technician at the client site


  • Different apps for users has allowed to improve the efficiency of the teams
  • Real-time information on tickets including the maps to reach the location has reduced the hard work on field technicians and helped to serve more users
  • Customer satisfaction has increased by 60% with the information on the usage and benefit the solar power unit has generated for them


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