Finsure application helps users to purchase and manage their several policies at a single place. Users can also contact the support team to get their queries answered about their policies, information about the new policies, advisory information on which policy to purchase. Client also maintains several content and articles which can be read by users to understand more about policies etc.



Finsure web application is already available with limited features for the policy holders. As part of the digitalization of the activities company has started adding more features to the web application for policy holders. But the biggest challenges are


  • Providing access to the available articles and information on
  • Policies to the users integration of support system into the platform, so that the support calls to call center would reduce
  • Providing calculators for different policies along with maturity
    and annuity benefits
  • Time to bring new features to the end users



SMAC IT has conducted a gap analysis of the existing web application and planned the activities which are required to attain as per the goals. The project planning has been created to execute the several parts of application in parallel


  • Started UX research on the end users to create a simplified UI for the mobile apps, at the same time the new features for the web application are developed along with the APIs.
  • The APIs are utilized for the mobile apps and developed native iOS and android apps
  • Implemented two factor authentication to ensure the privacy
  • Based on the location, the nearby offices are displayed on the map for quick support
  • Enabled Chat in the web and mobile app which helps users to get their questions answered from the existing database or connect to a live CS Agent



  • With the implementation of new features in the web and mobile app, the users are able to get the required information very quickly and the calls to the customer service team has reduced by 55%
  • Chat feature has enabled to solve the queries in short time
  • The resolution time for the tickets are reduced to 2 hours from 48 hours
  • The new policies sold to the existing customers are increased by 37% with accurate information of user profile matching techniques


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