eDoctor application has been developed to provide best medical facilities to be accessible in the remote locations and also provide access to the people from under developed countries to these doctors. This application helps to maintain the medical records, manage their appointments, consult doctors over video calls, chat with tem and also deal with medical shops (wherever it is integrated). SMAC IT has developed this application for the client as per their business need and the technology roadmap has been created by us and the required permissions to integrate several hospitals have been procured by client.



The initial and major challenge for the client is articulating the architecture of this platform as it involves several features, third party systems and requires a scalability.


  • A scalable and secure architecture to meet the standards
    and needs of the future
  • Integration of video and audio chat with zero latency of streaming
  • Maintaining the medical records securely
  • Integration of medical shops/pharmacies along with online
    payments and delivery


SMAC IT with expertise in dealing complex problems and experience in healthcare has helped the client to develop a scalable system


  • The MVP has been developed and pushed the product to market
  • As part of MVP the integration of several health systems has been done to pull together the information of the available Doctors for the online consultation
  • Integrated Agora.io for the instant video and audio chat without any latency even on low speed networks
    Provided users to filter and choose different Doctors who are available for consultation based on their need, location and available dates.
  • Provided a special feature for client to create packages, and allow users to purchase those.
  • The Doctors are provided with the mobile app as well as web application for their convenience of use



  • Micro services based architecture has helped to integrate the applications with different features easily into the platform
  • Agora.io has helped to bring the major feature to the platform with just few lines of code
  • The expertise of SMAC IT has helped to complete the project way before the anticipated timeline
  • The application initially targeted towards the people in US and later on the access has been provided to
  • African countries to get them the good Doctors to treat them remotely

Technology stack