Logistics & Distribution

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Logistics and Distribution is a multi-faced industry with multiple challenges across the cycle. Delivery timelines play a major role as it impacts the supply and demand for crucial commodities. With so many moving parts in the business, managing schedules, supply lines, delivery routes, and delivering shipments is a day-to-day activity for the people in this industry.

Access to real-time information on the movement of the shipments, whereabouts of the weather in the areas where the shipments are going or coming would help to plan the avoidable problems and delays.

Partnering with SMAC IT would enable you to focus on the core business while we support you with the required systems, support, and infrastructure.

Information has the power to transform your business, working with a partner like SMAC IT would benefit.

Benefits of working with SMAC IT

Improved operational efficiencies

More effective delivery systems

Streamlined communications

Benefits of working with SMAC IT

Digital Transformation

Fleet Management

Route Mapping

Asset Tracking

Mobility Solutions

Geofencing and Geotagging

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