ManuFactor is an application which helps the manufacturing companies to maintain their inventory and deal with suppliers at one place. Even though the enterprise applications are there to provide an end-to-end business management activity, those are not agile, customizable to the needs of customer. This application is developed to solve the pressing needs of people who do face issues on daily basis in their work. The application is customizable to the unique processes followed by the company and allows to share it with the staff through enterprise deployment feature.



A leading manufacturer is utilizing the ERP application to manage end-to-end operations of their business. But they have identified a huge gap in managing their inventory as the locations are growing and the suppliers who are supplying the right raw material is also increasing. Earlier they use to purchase raw material in advance and maintains those in inventory locations, for this company has to:


  • Invest in the raw material
  • Equipment to store and process
  • Location maintenance with adequate measurements

As there are more suppliers and availability of raw material round the clock, the company has changed their plan. And to maintain the new approach company is in need of robust system which can handle this process efficiently.



SMAC IT has been approached by the manufacturer to provide a simplified solution to fill their gaps. With the expertise and experience in working solutions for complex problems and partnership with leading technology providers, SMACT IT has analysed the existing system thoroughly and developed this ManuFactor custom application which is integrated with existing ERP to work in tandem.


  • The vast number of suppliers are registered in this application and asked then to update their raw material stock almost on daily basis
  • The inventory locations are restructured to meet the new strategy
  • Quick order placement has been established to implement Just-In-Time approach



With this custom built application company has able to implement the new approach without much changes to the existing ERP and the IT environment. SMAC IT has seamlessly integrated the ManuFactor application and provided a real time information.


  • On-boarding the huge supplier base has become a cake walk
  • The licensing fees for suppliers has been zero and the recurring costs are zero
  • SMAC IT’s approach has helped to expedite the execution of this application
  • The JIT approach has brought down the inventory warehouse management costs
  • Application is delivered as enterprise distribution model

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