eBasket is an eCommerce platform which helps the users to purchase the items from different categories from daily staple to fashion items at the best price and the genuine products. The target market is beyond the major cities of the country. The company has planned to support different platform users so they want both web and mobile apps but leverage latest technology to optimize the total cost of the project. SMACT IT has worked with the company bring their dream to a reality with our expertise and experience with in the budget by utilizing the best technologies and approaches.



The country is shifting from offline to online shopping across the major cities and this habit is slowly happening in the smaller towns as well. But the company has the idea and capability to perform the daily operations, lacks a strong hold in technology which is a major challenge.


  • Onboarding of local supplier for Grocery
  • Platform to support the business idea difficult to implement
  • Integration of delivery partners



SMAC IT with its expertise in technology and the business processes helped the client to create a solid plan which is supported by proven tech stack and experience.


  • Created micro service architecture which helps to scale the platform as the business grows
  • Developed responsive UI of the web platform along with iOS and Android apps
  • Implemented two factor authentication
  • Dedicated apps for suppliers and delivery partners
  • 3rd party delivery partners are integrated in to the system with real time updates



  • Prebuilt frameworks allowed to reduce the execution timelines
  • The UX approach implemented has allowed to make differentiate in the users’ mind when compared with competitors
  • The SMAC IT’s team helped to launch the MVP in 4 months from execution


Technology stack