HostFX is a multi-level online and auto trading platform provider has developed desktop based trading tools which are used by brokerage firms, market makers, liquidity providers, dealing rooms etc. As the technology is advancing so the users expectations are changing where there is a huge demand piling up from customer for the web and mobile based apps which gives comfort for their work. Company is looking for a partner who can support their initiative for web and mobile based apps. SMAC IT has worked with HostFX to deliver the robust platform which is scalable and customizable.



HostFX is a used across several scenarios and there are different teams which have their unique features.


  • Development cost and time is a big challenge as the client wanted to allocate a tight budget
  • Client wanted to leverage the existing infrastructure
  • Need to have a zero latency time to update the figures from live markets

As there are more suppliers and availability of raw material round the clock, the company has changed their plan. And to maintain the new approach company is in need of robust system which can handle this process efficiently.



SMAC IT has conducted business analysis with client to understand their needs and then proposed to develop a future solution for HostFX web and mobile platform.


  • Instead of developing the whole web application again with the desktop features, we created APIs for the desktop application and exposed it to the web
  • The Web and mobile frontend are designed, developed and integrated with APIs
  • Native mobile apps are developed for both iOS and Android
  • Implemented the enhanced user authentication and authorization process



  • The approach utilized for developing Web and Mobile App by developing APIs for the desktop application has reduced the project cost by 40%
  • Native apps allowed to utilize the latest features and achieve the zero
    latency for updates
  • A closed group testing has been initiated with some end users participating in that has allowed to increase the quality of the apps

Technology stack