Click Mobiles is an enhanced application of their previous version of the app. This mobile app has latest features to recharge their number or friends and family numbers, compare with various plans and can choose the best option to recharge. As mostly this has been used for international dialling, the packages are defined with the best offers. This application also provides push notifications about the balance, reminder to recharge, offers and etc. Through this application, users can find their answers and talk to the customer support.



The previous application doesn’t have an intuitive UI and the effort made through that app to reduce the work load to Customer Care team has not been achieved.


  • The plans are not comparable and recharging the number
    is not as fast as required
  • Calls to customer care are increased as the app is not providing the sufficient information
  • The web application is also facing issues as the page load times
    are taking too much time


SMAC IT has redesigned the architecture of the end user facing platform.


  • Migrated the code to the latest Nodejs and enhanced the application performance
  • Developed APIs instead of having a separate backend for mobile apps
  • Integrated razorpay payment gateway for faster checkout
  • Integrated payment gateway for seamless payments
  • Provided open access to the recharge option which would allow users to recharge number of others as well
  • Implemented to showcase the internet speed with in the app which helps to test the speed test
  • Implemented responsive UI which enabled users to even recharge conveniently over the mobile browsers


  • Enhanced user interface has helped to attract the new users and improved the existing user experience
  • Migration of the code has reduced the new development effort and there is a total of 38% savings in the development cost
  • The application stability and performance has been improved manifold


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