Airfly application provides customers with the best deals in flights and hotels, easy and secure bookings along with a variety of 100+ airlines including low cost carriers and 100,00+ Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Apartments & more. Airfly is serving its users through web platform for several years and they want to provide mobile app as the user base is increasingly using the mobile phones to book the tickets on the fly. SMAC IT worked with client to develop the native iOS and Android apps to perform the bookings and improve the web application.



Airfly has initially started with ReactNative based development to leverage the source code for different platforms. As the policies of the mobile app stores are changing rapidly supporting the new policies and standards are becoming difficult.


  • Frequent updates of the apps to adhere to store guidelines is a challenge as Apple is raising several questions to push a build
  • Utilizing the latest features of the device and OS specific are difficult to implement
  • Availability of appropriate tech resources to implement latest features


SMAC IT has performed a brainstorming sessions and discovery sessions to understand the expectations from the mobile apps along with analysis on the existing web platform.


  • As the mobile app is going to be main revenue source in the future, so we have recommended to go with native apps it is easy to give the best experience with respective to their platforms (iOS and Android)
  • The application flow and the menu items remains the same but the design and icon alignment changes for iOS and Android
  • Used OS specific inbuilt features to implement the features for location identification, facial/finger print recognition for login, push notifications and location based alerts
  • Utilized existing RESTful APIs of the backend system and integrated them with the mobile apps
  • Performed a detailed UX sessions and created the UI design of the apps to provide the good user interface for the application
  • Enhanced and added new screens to the web interface



  • The user experience of the application has attracted users to use mobile app over the web interface as it was easy to navigate with in the app
  • Native apps helped to maintain the performance of the application
  • Time based and location based push notifications has enabled users to plan their travel properly
  • Due to native apps, the latest policies are automatically handled and the
    publishing of apps process become a smooth process

Technology stack